Sharbat Rehan Minty Lime

Here is another delightful flavor from Sharbat Rehan- Minty Lime. This flavor gives a tangy taste of lime with the coolness of mint. This flavor of Sharbat Rehan gives a refreshing feel fighting the heat and gives a cooling effect within to the mind and body.

Indications: A splash of lime comes with multiple health benefits like fighting infections, rejuvenation of skin, improves digestion, aids weight loss whereas Mint too aids digestion, refreshes oral health, increase bile secretion and encourage bile flow making Sharbat Rehan Minty Lime a perfect drink to internally and externally purify you.

The Pack of Sharbat Rehan Minty Lime is available in:

Color: Lime Green
Size :750 mlPack
Type :Bottle
Form: Liquid