Sharbat Rehan Masala Mango

Mangoes are the most delightful fruits to indulge specially at the time of summers. Sharbat Rehan has developed its special flavor of Mango Masala for mango lovers. The drink is packed with sweetness of mangoes with a masala twist. For a sweet drink with an edge of masala, enjoy Sharbat Rehan Mango Masala.

Indication: Mangoes are packed with anti-aging properties and nutritional benefits like Vitamin A, B-6, C and K that contributes to health benefits like improving digestion, maintaining eyesight and boosts immunity.

The Pack of Sharbat Rehan Mango Masala is available in:

Color: Yellow
Size : 750 ml Pack
Type :Bottle
Form: Liquid

The Pack of Sharbat Rehan Honey Lime is available in:
Color: Golden Amber
Size: 500 ml, 750 ml Pack
Type: Bottle
Form: Liquid

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