Sharbat Rehan khus

The medicinal root Khus is packed with cooling properties that gives any drink a cooling effect. This is why Sharbat Rehan developed its Khus flavored Sharbat to provide a cooling and calming drink. Scientifically known as Vetiver/Vetiveria zizanioides, Khus is a root used for its medicinal properties from ancient times. It is an indispensable part of unani medicine which is why Sharbat Rehan brings Khus to you as a beneficial drink to have.


The cooling properties of Sharbat Rehan Khus constitutes of the medicinal root –Khus, that is used to treat insomnia, muscular pain, joint pain, hydrates the skin and prevents drying, gastrointestinal disorders and even in treatment of blood pressure and cardiac problems.

The Pack of Sharbat Rehan Minty Khus is available in:

Color: Green
Size : 750 ml Pack
Type :Bottle
Form: Liquid