Sharbat Rehan Traditonal

Enjoy the original and traditional flavor of Sharbat Rehan. Its magical taste takes you back to time of what a true and original beverage Sharbat actually tastes like. You will get the real feel of how delightful it is.. 

Sharbat Rehan Minty Lime

Here is another delightful flavor from Sharbat Rehan- Minty Lime. This flavor gives a tangy taste of lime with the coolness of mint. This flavor of Sharbat Rehan gives a refreshing feel fighting the heat and gives a cooling effect within….

Sharbat Rehan Honey Lime

This is one unique product of Sharbat Rehan that comes with the goodness of Honey. Honey is regarded as very pure and precious through different times, cultures and civilizations all around the world. 

Sharbat Rehan Khus

The medicinal root Khus is packed with cooling properties that gives any drink a cooling effect. This is why Sharbat Rehan developed its Khus flavored Sharbat to provide a cooling and calming drink. ….

Sharbat Rehan Masala Mango

Mangoes are the most delightful fruits to indulge specially at the time of summers. Sharbat Rehan has developed its special flavor of Mango Masala for mango lovers