History- A Family Legacy 

NATURE & NURTURE HEALTHCARE PVT.LTD.” is a reputed and respectable name trusted in the Indian herbal industry since 1912. Founded by late Mr. Mohammad Hasan, the company has today grown into a full fledged manufacturing house. Being one of the first in the country to establish a strong base in Unani herbs and raw materials,NATURE & NURTURE HEALTHCARE PVT.LTD.” is a  company dedicated to the production of quality and genuine herbal extracts, ayurvedic and Unani products of international standards.

About Nature & Nature Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.

Being back with a historical entrepreneurial journey of three generations, NATURE & NURTURE HEALTHCARE PVT. LTD. (NNHPL) is the result of more than 50 years experience and commitment to the world of herbal products. The founders of the group belong to a family of herbal practitioners that results in rich knowledge and experience in herbal raw materials making the parent company well established and recognized globally as a reliable source for quality Unani products.

Inaugurated in 2014, the modern manufacturing facilities guarantee compliance with the Good Manufacturing Practise standards (GMPs), throughout all phases of the manufacturing process. Our dedication to quality brings you a drink to cater any mood and moment.

Our Quality

We are creators our quality herbal beverage Sharbat Rehan that has finest herbal ingredients. We follow strict measures and comply with the highest level of industry standards to deliver our quality product.

  • The facilities and processes at NNHPL have ensured that each product is strictly monitors any kind of contamination.
  • We partner with the best suppliers and use the quality audit to test their products.
  • Our qualified management and staff are dedicated to carrying out our quality benchmarks for laboratories support in our quality system
  • All levels of quality analysis and quality control are carried out in Pre–Process, In‐Process and finished product testing for testing compliance with product specifications at all stages of manufacturing.

About the product

Sharbat Rehan- A Refreshing drink to Relish 

The word Sharbat derived from an Arabic word ‘Sharbah’, meaning ‘A Drink’ and ‘Rehan’ in Hindi means ‘Tulsi-Basil’

Sharbat Rehan is an easy to use Unani Sharbat Syrup. It is a result of the fusion of cooling herbal ingredients with the goodness of fruits and vegetables and not to forget the natural extracts of herbs and citrus flowers with sugar concentrate that makes it an excellent drink to quench one’s thirst.

The Syrup is a slight sweet concentrate that can blend with chilled water or milk, poured over ice cream and even as dessert toppings.