About Sharbat Rehan

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Refreshing Different Flavour

About the product

Sharbat Rehan- A Refreshing drink to Relish

The word Sharbat derived from an Arabic word ‘Sharbah’, meaning ‘A Drink’ and ‘Rehan’ in Hindi means ‘Tulsi-Basil’

Sharbat Rehan is an easy to use Unani Sharbat Syrup. It is a result of fusion of cooling herbal ingredients with goodness of fruits and vegetables and not to forget the natural extracts of herbs and citrus flowers with sugar concentrate that makes it an excellent drink to quench ones thirst.

The Syrup is a slight sweet concentrate that can blend with chilled water or milk, poured over ice cream and even as dessert toppings.  

  • Great Taste
  • Feels Refreshing
  • 100 % pure and tested
  • Free of contaminants and harmful chemicals